Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Run for the Hill

Yesterday, through some cosmic alignment, Marcy and I were blessed with a small window of opportunity to go for a mountain bike ride together.  The first time in 2-3 months.  We jumped at the chance, loaded up the gear and sprinted for the Camden Snow Bowl.  I'm pre-riding it as much as possible so that I know this weekend's race course by heart and Marcy's considering racing for the first time in, I don't know 7? (except, of course for last year's bradbury 12.  thanks Rus) years so it would be good for me to get to know the course better and good for her to help settle her nervous stomach.

We had a great ride in near perfect conditions (dry and 75 non humid degrees).  The opening climb was mostly uneventful other than me realizing that the full loop is crazy for the novice class this weekend.  Way too much walking on the up AND down.  They're schedule to do a full loop plus one short loop.  In my, and Marcy's opinion, three short loops would be much better since they are totally rideable by an experienced novice and would make things much more fun for people thinking of getting into the sport.  I'll have to get Mike, the race promoter, on the horn.

**note** all photos are a bit grainy since I'm still shooting without the benefit of knowing what I'm getting, what I may or may not be zooming into, if the shot came out etc.  **
opening climb
The climb was mostly uneventful but the downhill got pretty interesting.  Marcy rode a few sections that I never thought she would (at least not the first time on the trail) and, more importantly, she rode and re-rode the section of trail that dislocated/broke/severed the ligaments in her ankle years back (thus the long gap in racing).
photo op at the top.

stupid ankle section.  why is it that you always hurt yourself worst on seemingly easy sections of trail?

Slightly below the top, a tricky rock strewn, slightly eroded, tricky as hell drop that she nailed.

Then, shortly after that, just before another nasty section, she clips a tiny stump and ends up with bike art.  Like I said, you never know when you're going to eat shit.

rippin it near the bottom

Thanks for the ride babe.


rustymtb said...

She raced at Bradbury last September, dummy.

rick is! said...

oh yeah. woops!

Anonymous said...

Single Track togetherness.
Is oneness.