Thursday, June 03, 2010

What Am I Thinking?

After a hectic (and frustrating) morning yesterday, I've got the Selma all set to run gears for this weekend's race. Selma is going to be a bit confused by all the clicking, clacking and what-not going on but I suspect she'll do just fine. That is, of course, if I didn't totally bone the build. Hopefully tonight or tomorrow night I'll be able to at least give her a quick test run before heading to New Hampster for the weekend. At least, for once, I won't be bringing a knife to a gun fight.


That seems like an awful lot of unnecessary crap to be bolting to my bike but I think it's totally needed for this weekend. Unless I have way too much fun this weekend, the gears will be coming off for next weekend's more singletracky race. KillBill is constantly trying to convince me to go gears AND full suspension so, who knows, this may be the start.

As most of you know, we've been having a beautiful spring so far in the northeast. Lots of sun and little rain has left the trails in mid summer form. Not bad but the one sure way to bring that to an end is to schedule a night camping. Yesterday, Marcy confirmed our reservations @ Pawtuckaway State Park which is 30 minutes from Sunday's race so you that we'd have to get rain. Sure enough, based on this morning's weather forecast we'll be getting rain on Saturday but it does look sunny for Sunday. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the rain ends up being spotty and just enough to tack things up.

Sooooo, anybody else up for some potentially wet camping??? Laps? ThomP? Anybody? Anybody?


Hill Junkie said...

If you haven't ridden FOMBA singletrack, you do have to check some of it out while there. Too bad a segment or two isn't included in the Rumpus. The must-do's are Fireline and Long Trail.

rick is! said...

yeah, I've heard the singletrack is killer. Marcy and I are hoping to hit some on Saturday as well as some race course recon. said...

Hattie and I will be there, just Sunday though. I will be doing some trail work at Bradbury on Saturday since I will be missing the first Sunday of the month trail day for the race.

rick is! said...

cool. see you there andrew

the original big ring said...

pffffttt . . . something tells me that if you were running single this wouldn't have happened. When are you going to learn?!