Thursday, April 01, 2010

Moving Mountains

Yesterday, after getting clearance (clarence) from the boss I made plans to meet up with the Bathers for a ride tonight. I was giddy with anticipation to be riding trails again after a couple of weeks off. Right up until I got a call from Bubba's to remind me of my hair cut appointment tonight. What's that you ask? I get my hair cut at a place called Bubba's? Well, with hair like this, where else would I go?

In reality, it's an award winning salon (top 40 in new england) and they do really nice work. and despite the name there are no shotguns, possums, varmints or bowevils hanging on the walls. I tried to reschedule but couldn't get in for another month so I was bummed. Until I said, "F my beautiful locks! I need to ride!" and called and rescheduled for late next month. Chicks dig dudes with long hair right???


Jason said...

Nah, chick dig dude's with XXC Mag t shirts! :)

rick is! said...

nah, chicks dig xxc mag t shirts with me!