Monday, April 19, 2010

Damn Him

I made it out for what was supposed to be a killer road ride with KillBill last week. The first hour of the ride was fairly uneventful except for KB ripping my legs out of their sockets. According to him, his legs weren't "on". According to me, his legs were so "on" that I considered asking him to swap for a bit. I'm not sure what that dude has been doing but he is one fricking fast mo-fo. Just a few years back I could school him any day of the week. Now, he can blow my doors off at any time he pleases (except for really long races thankfully). It's a bit of a blow to the ego but I know that riding with him will only make me stronger so bring on the pain.

My ride was cut short when I felt a rhythmic thumping coming from my rear end. Of the bike. I hopped off the bike to inspect and found this:

Woops. Apparently my lack of maintenance is finally catching up to me. So I had to abort the ride boot the tire and head home. At least the pain was cut short.

KB was sporting a new set of wheels on the ride, Dura Ace tubeless to be exact and, I have to admit, it got me lusting.

A bit o research and I find that they are 500 grams lighter than my Bontragers or 1.1 lbs! Holy crap. One pound of rotational weight would make a huge difference in the snappiness of the ride. Not to mention, ditching tubes would be a great thing. I never want to have to run tubes again on my mountain bikes (although I do have a couple of training wheelsets that require tubes) so why not go away from them on the road too?

So I'll put those right here in my lust locker right next to the snow bike, cx bike, endless cogs and I9 wheels. Oh to have money to spend again...

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