Tuesday, March 23, 2010


What interesting thing do I have to say about Sunday's ride? Nothing really, so I won't say much. Basically, I went out to check out a bit of trail that I haven't been to yet this season despite it being 1/4 mile from the house. It has some very fun sections of singletrack though so it was time to see how it fared through the winter and it would give me a chance to tire out my parents dog so that I wouldn't need to have a prosthetic arm attached to where my shriveled up, useless, tennis elbowed arm used to be from playing fetch with a tennis ball so much. It turns out that my parent's dog is a great trail dog. She was trained to follow at your heel at all times so she's never trying to get in front like chance used to do and she actually listens when you call her. Quite the concept. Maybe I'll keep her when my parents get back. The trails were mostly good. They were nice and dry but one section didn't fare well from the wind storm that we had a couple of weeks ago. There are big ole fir and pine trees all over the trail in one area. I guess I'll need to schlep a chainsaw in there sometime soon. The trails are too fun to not use.

The "view" from the high spot of the ride. Can't see shit from here in the summer.
Good dog.
Old stone foundation, and an oil filter and old budweiser can.
and yours truly. what a handsome devil.
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the original big ring said...

"handsome fella"?!?!? pfffttt . . .

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

You doing the 101 this year or what?

rick is! said...

it's currently not on my schedule but if I can find a like minded person from this area to carpool with than it might happen.,

the original big ring said...

Drive to Ontario and I'll drive the rest of the way with you.