Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Fraidy Cat

When I went out for my typical non-ride morning trail run this a.m., I was just barely into the trail when I started to hear barking. I stopped running to listen and a chill went up my spine as I heard what sounded like 20 or so very hungry coyotes barking and howling at me. I think I was the intended recipient because there wasn't a peep until I started to thrash through the leaves on the trail. Maybe it was a coincidence but maybe not. I started running again but began to picture myself being pulled apart by multiple hungry critters and decided to loop quickly up to the road and run that instead. Why? I don't know, maybe coyotes are as allergic to pavement as I am.

Big doins planned for riding this week. After Monday's anemic post work ride I took yesterday off to rest the legs, get some extra sleep and recharge the body for a two day assault. Tonight will be a hill ride on the road bike. I'll be keeping it fairly short but it'll include multiple short but very steep climbs. And then tomorrow, if things come together, I'll be doing a group mountain bike ride in the Schmid Preserve. One of my primary goals for the summer is to get more people riding there so this'll be the start of that endeavor. The trails are pretty impressive right now and close to mid-summer form. If I can drag some other sorry asses over it multiple times this summer, we could be looking at a new mid-coast riding destination. Fingers crossed.

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