Thursday, March 11, 2010

Feel the Burn

I've got the familiar feeling forming down below. Feeling a constant burn (and not just when I tinkle) and slight fatigue. Ahh, the feelings of actually getting out and training. It's a great feeling and I missed is so. Last week I managed my best week, hours wise, in at least 6 months clocking in close to nine hours (including jogging and core work) and I'm on track to be close to that this week. Yeehaww!

Tonight, I'm hosting a few buds for a mountain bike ride in the Schmid Preserve. Early season (almost) primo trails plus a good riding group should mean a really good time. Follow that with firing up the fire pit, having a few brews and some dogs on the grill. Can't wait. Those fuckers had better show up!


the original big ring said...

a burn when you pee or when you walk?

rick is! said...

read more carefully there smarty pants. see the "(and not just when I tinkle)"? Yeah, I already made that joke. Try again.