Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Snow Day

It's been snowing like a bugger in Maine recently. Over the last couple of weeks we've received roughly 2' of fluffy white stuff. It's made real mountain biking a non starter and has really gotten me pining for a snow bike (more on that below) but the snowshoeing has been great and we all need a bit of variety so I'll take it. Last night's snow means that B is home from school today and I've decided to take the morning shift with her. Who knows what kind of winter shananigans will ensue? More than likely, I'll just get B to help me dig the car out since she seems to enjoy that for some reason.

This afternoon I'm hoping to commute home if the road conditions permit. If visibility is good, I'll be riding, if visibility sucks than I'll drive home with my tail between my legs or else risk end up being someone's hood ornament.

Since moving last year, almost every aspect of our new location is better than where we were before. Our commutes to work are shorter, we're more a part of our local community, in the summer I can commute to work via mostly trail etc etc. Unfortunately, there is one downside. I no longer have easy access to snowmobile trails. While in Damariscotta, I could easily jump into the local snowmobile trail system with just a very short road jaunt. This meant that I could keep riding all winter long. Where we are now, I don't pass a single snowmobile trail on my commute or even know where one exists. It's a total bummer and really has me thinking about a snow bike for next winter so that I can still ride when conditions are like they are now.

The current plan is to get the yet to be released Carver aluminum snow bike. Between my trade in from this year's BB12 frame prize and (if the stars align and I pull it off again) next year's trade in, I'll be well on my way towards supah fat tire bliss.

The other day a former teammate contacted me about a Pugsley he has for sale. At $1500 for an almost new bike, it's a pretty good price and I would have loved to take him up on it but, sadly, the bike purchase coffers are depleted so I had to pass it up.

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