Monday, January 18, 2010

Day Late Dollar Short

As is pretty common here in the magical land of Racin Rick where unicorns shit cotton candy and entertainment dreams go to die, I once again failed to follow through on a promise. Shocking, I know. What I promised five days ago was to fill you in on my Vegas Baby! comment. Well, it seems the spousal unit, myself and a couple of friends are heading to vegas for a long weekend at the end of the month. Vegas has never been all that high on my list of places to visit and I figured the only way I'd end up there is if I failed to take a left at Albuquerque. My inner compass being what it is, I've somehow missed that left turn and followed the road of a promised free condo on the weekend of the Miss America pageant.

marcy accuses me of being gay (because of my fondness for lycra and the occasional cross dressing incident) and then takes me to the land of homo erotica (or La Reve)
While I never really planned on going to Vegas, I must admit that I'm pretty psyched especially since The Hangover is still fresh in my head. On top of gambling (I don't think I'll do much) and a show, Kevin and I are planning on hitting up some mountain biking. We're going the tourist route and hiring a guide who will pick us up, schlep us to the trails, provide us with bikes, show us around, and maybe, if we're lucky, pedal our bikes for us as well because who in their right frickin mind is getting up at 8 am for a three hour ride while they're in vegas? It's probably pretty stupid but I can't imagine going all that way and not taking advantage of what the locale has to offer. The question is, Cottonwood or Bootleg?

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