Monday, December 07, 2009

Monday Sweet Monday

Yay! Another weekend where I successfully avoided riding my bike. Success! Kidding, of course, I'm not too pumped about that fact but I am pumped that we finished the cedar shingling on the house yesterday so that's one more check mark in the done column. Only about 20 to go. We actually would have gotten the rest of the siding done as well but on Saturday, instead of siding we went to see The Flying Santa with Brynna. The original Flying Santa was a crazy bastage who flew a float plane from lighthouse to lighthouse in the late 20's delivering gifts to the lighthouse keepers as a way of saying thanks. Fast forward almost 100 years and most lighthouses are automated so Santa flies from lighthouse to lighthouse bringing joy to the lives of America's advantaged youths. It was heartwarming and fun to see Santa fly in inside of a million dollar helicopter.

Did that sound negative? It really wasn't supposed to be. It's a fun tradition in the area that I'm sure we'll enjoy for quite a few more years.

This morning I started the week off right with a fun run in the snow followed by a session of pilates. Gotta look good in my bikini when we go to Vegas at the end of January.

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