Friday, December 04, 2009

It Finally Happened

I knew that at some point it was bound to happen. Realistically, my days of unabomber style riding seclusion had to come to an end eventually and last night it finally did. I found myself, for the first time in a couple of months I think, riding my bike in the woods with other highly developed upright walkers and Channing too. On Thursday morning, we got roughly 2" of rain that left the trails severely saturated and several hub deep puddles but there were only a few actual muddy sections and, overall, I think everyone had a good time. I hope they did at least because I so desperately crave the companionship. Will someone be my friend? Pretty please? We ended up with a bit over 2 hours of ride time on a very curvy loop.

Afterward, to try to trick everyone into liking me, I made sure to have plenty of beer, guacamole and burgers on hand post ride. Sort of like giving kids candy to earn their trust and affection, mountain bikers respond quite positively to beer and food.

The general consensus was that the trails were pretty darn fun (despite my constant apologies-somebody seems pretty desperate huh?) and that with a bit of raking they would be a blast. Now if I can just lure them out to help me rake it all. More beer will probably do the trick I think.

Me "patiently" waiting for everyone to show up. My party dress is on and I'm ready to go people!

This technically wasn't from last night's ride (it was actually Wednesday's reconnaissance ride) but it was a place we stopped to contemplate the beautiful night and confess our innermost fears. FYI, KillBill is afraid of the dark and more specifically, dark basements. What a little girl.

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Big Bikes said...

I spend so much time riding alone myself. It is nice to roll with other folks when you can.

Oh ya, I just remembered I'm supposed to email you, gotta go!

Channing said...

I said to KillBill on Tuesday that I should check out your blog to see what insulting things you wrote about me following our ride. There I have it.

rick is! said...

it makes me sad that it took you this long to notice.