Wednesday, October 07, 2009


Yesterday I rode my mountain bike for the first time since the Bradbury 12 over two weeks ago. Be happy for me. Of course, I hadn't touched the bike since the race so it was having all sorts of little issues. The chain wasn't lubed, the ebb was creaking like a mofo and the handlebars were slightly off center from my head on collision with a tree in the race.

It was still a cool, chill ride on some sweet trails and I finally got a chance to compare my lights to KillBill's Light and Motion SECA 700. If you were to compare the 700 to the Dinotte 800 directly I'd probably have to give the nod to the SECA since it has more of a spot beam but with a good amount of flood for good peripherals while the 800 is more of a flood only so while it has more lumens it appears to have slightly less light because it's more spread out. BUT, when I set the 800 on the bar to the 400 lumen setting (also allowing for 5hr run time) and fired up my 400 on the helmet (which has a very good spot beam) we had a whole new ballgame. At the same lumen output of the 800 at full blast I was getting a far superior beam, lots of spread and more than enough light to ride as fast as I wanted. And as KillBill said as I was following him, that was the closest he's been to having his light totally washed out by another light.

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