Thursday, October 08, 2009

I Dreamed of Cross

Well, my grand plan of taking the cyclocross world by storm has been put in the shitter right quick. I figured the plan would go in the shitter AFTER a retched performance at the Casco Bay Cross race next weekend instead of before the race but that's how we roll on this side of the Racin Rick gutter. Everything went in the pooper when I found out our metal roof isn't going to show up this week like I had hoped which would have allowed us to install most of the roof over the weekend. Instead, it'll be here next week meaning a Saturday/Sunday install next weekend, right when the cross race is happening. Bummer.

Of course, I probably would have been schooled by 99.9% of the field anyway so this will be much less painful and embarrassing this way. Good luck to all my peeps entered, Wheels (if he isn't east coast trotting looking for that elusive uci point) and all of you other silly buggers out there doing tiny little not circles.

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Wheels said...

Priorities. We all have them. I guess biking is at the top of mine. That's messed up I know. I hope you can sneak away for one of the 2 @ New Gloucester at least.