Monday, October 26, 2009

The Upside of Insomnia

As I think I've mentioned here before, I've been suffering from insomnia recently. I can usually fall asleep fine but if I wake up during the night than games over. My mind turns on and I can't get myself back to sleep. There are multiple obvious problems with insomnia with being tired all the f'ing time being right up there at the top but there is also a nice little bonus to being up so damn early. It means more saddle time.

It's dark as hell at 4 am and cold as a witches teet as well but I've got a sweet lighting set up and I'm a total cold weather riding stud muffin (unlike others I know, pansies) so I've been using these early mornings as a way to squeeze a tiny bit of riding into my (somehow increasingly) crazy weeks.

This morning's lack of sleep meant that I was rolling by 4:15-ish and got a nice little mountain bike commute in while still being to the cubicle by 6, post written and working by 6:15 (so it's 6:57 now, I forgot to hit "publish", sue me).

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