Friday, October 23, 2009


Somehow Marcy and I managed to pull off a weeknight getaway from the spud in order to go see Race Across the Sky which was doing a one night showing last night. Gotta say, before I saw the trailer for this movie a few weeks ago, I never would have considered doing the Leadville 100. From what I'd heard, it was mostly on road and doubletrack and was an out and back style course. Three things that I tend to try to avoid when it comes to traveling 2/3's of the way across the country to do a race. BUT, after seeing the movie and realizing the pure beauty of the area, I'm definitely considering sending in a postcard to try to get in next year. What can it hurt right? Based on what I've seen and heard, technically the course isn't very tough (for an east coaster) but the altitude would be the sure killer. Guess it gives Marcy and I an excuse to head out west a month in advance to get some altitude training in!

The movie had a pretty good turnout, especially for a mostly non cycling oriented state and there was a large percentage of the employee crowd who managed to crawl out of their holes for the evening. Shit, I even ran into our favorite Tour Divide finisher Stephen Gleasner (and an article here).

Good times. If you missed the showing, go to the site and request that they do a second. If they get enough requests they'll put together another showing this winter.


Hill Junkie said...

Yeah, a bunch of us from NH went down to Lowell to watch it. Great documentary, but now I'm bumming. Leadville was going to be a focus event for me in 2010. Talking with another rider that's done Leadville, chances are essentially zero of getting in next year now because of the movie. Prior racers are automatic entries. They have 60% repeat rate. Another 30% are reserved for various groups. Only 10% of the entries are opened to lottery. I bet they'll get over 5,000 cards for those 140 remaining spots. I'll still try I guess, but I'll have to pick a different hundred miler to count on doing.

rick is! said...

very true. chances are slim but I'll still be sending a card in.

Burns said...

Good seeing you guys at the movie last night. Glad you made it out.


mainevelophile said...

Thanks for the information. I couldn't make it last night and certainly wouldn't mind a repeat performance. If not, I'll buy it on DVD when it's released.

Jason said...

Nice to hear it was good. It was showing 20 miles away from me, but I was like "a movie on Thursday??" WTF?

I kid you all not I've done a few different hundies. The SM100 is the Granddaddy IMHO. HUGE climbs, epic and FUNNNNNNNNN descents. It is T.I.T.Z. TITZ! AND there's no f*cking post card to send in hoping to get in.

The Lumberjack is bomb too, but the 4 lap format is a bummer, BUT I hear they MAY be expanding the trails and going for 3 laps in 2010.

No doubt the Rockies have epic single track. IMO take a week, go to Crested Butte, CO. You can ride your ASS off, and see some of the most EPIC views you've ever seen. It's a mountain lovers wet dream.

(was this comment long enough? I can go on?)

BTW Shirts shipped Priority USPS today. Which means you should get them about a month from now. Thanks again.