Tuesday, September 01, 2009


Ok, so today I got in early to do my race post but forgot that they were switching our power over from 6-7:15 this morning meaning no power during that time. Guess what time I got in this morning... Yeah, 6 o'clock on the dot so my bloggy time went out the window and instead I got to work while all of the computer battery backups went flippin' ballistic, beeping incessantly and causing me to go out of my fricking mind! Anyway, I'll try to do the write-up again tomorrow.

On the news front, as some of you may have seen, I made a mention yesterday on Facebook about Michael Patrick having a seizure during the race and wasn't sure how he was doing. Thankfully, I heard from him today (and he has a blog post up about it) and it seems like he's doing fine. I am exceptionally glad to hear it.

Speaking of Mike, he has got to be one of the toughest dudes I know. The guy has a brain tumor, is actively undergoing chemo, is on a million meds (I know because Marcy and Andrew's girlfriend, Hattie, broke into his car during the race to get in contact with his family) and he was still drilling it out there on the course. In fact, on the downhill on the first lap, Mike passed me so fast that I barely had a chance to comment before he was out of sight. The dude rips.

Get well Mike!


Big Bikes said...

Mike did great down at the EFTA Treasure Valley Rally last Sunday. After the race (and it was a tough, tough race) I was lying there, feeling like crap and whining about it. Mike came up looking a little rough, I asked him what was up, "I'm just having a small seizure, I'm just gonna lie here and drink some water".

Suddenly I didn't feel so crappy. I've never raced feeling like he does on a good day right now. Mike is the man.

rick is! said...

seriously. I'm just a whiney little bitch. I think I'd better stop being such a baby and man up like mike!

Jason said...

Thanks for the update man. Yeah, I love that he says "having a small seizure". I would never leave the house, and dude just keeps on going. THAT'S BALLZ. I have no ballz. Get well to him.