Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Shake Down

Tuesday night I was able to get out for a quick ride to give the Dinotte lights their first shake down (I was too excited to wait another night to try them out). I was nervous about the ride because I had such high hopes for the lights that I was certain that with such high expectations that I'd be let down. Thankfully, I can report that these lights are, indeed, pretty frickin sweet.

Out of the box, I could tell that I was going to love the lights. The 400L lighthead was super small and the battery weight was non-existent so mounting both on my helmet wasn't an issue.

The 800L lighthead is somewhat on the chunky side but felt solid and, for it's size, is pretty light as well. I mounted that on the bar.

Overall, I was very happy with the lights for my 1 hour ride but, to be honest, my local trails are the best place for a thorough review so I'm going to wait til tonights single track fun fest at the Camden Snow Bowl before doing a real review of the lights.

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