Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Introducing Dinotte

Almost two years ago I became clued into a small lighting company in New Hampster called Dinotte. They exclusively offered led bike lights at a time when the whole led thing was still pretty new and most people were using HID or halogen lights. I immediately started lusting for one of their lights (and even did a post about my lustful state both here and on the bikeman website) but couldn't get myself to pull the trigger since I already had two functioning halogen systems that were working fine. I wasn't crazy about how they worked or how much they weighed but they worked and I couldn't rationalize buying new lights at the time.

Fortunately, (for me at least) during our multiple moves this winter I seem to have misplaced my newest Marwi light. The one I rely on for most rides since it is my brighest and longest running. I've turned the place inside out to no avail. With the Bradbury 12 approaching in less than a month I started to panic since I figured I'd have found the light by now. I had hatched a plan to borrow my brother's Nite Rider HID for the race but that would still leave me light-less after the race was over (my old light is a 10w halogen and is about to go toes up) so I started to look around to see what was out there.

Initially, I thought about getting the Light and Motion Seca since a couple of my buddies have them and love them but in my searching I started to check out the new Dinotte offerings and was smitten once again and it wasn't long before I found the package that I wanted, an 800 lumen bar light and a 400 lumen helmet light or, roughly, 5 times the light of my 15w halogen. Thankfully for me, Rob at Dinotte was willing to give me a sweet deal on the set up so I'll be riding my final two laps of the Bradbury 12 in near daylight.

Much more to come when I get them in the mail.
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Linda said...

Very, very cool. If I see something that looks like a moving lighthouse, I'll know it's you!

rick is! said...

thankfully, like a lighthouse, I'm kinda slow this year so you'll have plenty of time getting out of the way...