Monday, July 20, 2009

These are the Days

No time for real bloggage today so here's a quick rundown of the weekends events. No ride on Friday but I did get Selma's fork back with the remote lockout valving installed. Rode with the pops and bro on the El Mariachi complete with full fenders, slick tires and a road-ish gear Saturday, it was muddy and I was totally overgeared but it was nice to get out. Sunday, Marcy and I went out for another ride at my parents since we had to pick up B anyway (wait a second, that was saturday night. huh, I don't remember doing a bunch of drinking this weekend...). This was Marcy's first ride (finally!) on her new to her dos and she was loving life after a few get-to-know-you moments with the shifting and suspension.

Marcy's so fast on the new bike that she's a blur. or maybe it's our new, stupidly crappy point and shoot that won't focus right.

I'm speachless for once.
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