Thursday, July 16, 2009

Early Bird

A couple of days ago my new Bontrager road wheel finally showed up. My 5 year old wheel had developed some cracks at the eyelets so I had planned on buying a new one, the thought of warranteeing it never even crossed my mind until a couple of people mentioned it was possible so I gave it a whirl and whadayano, Bontrager stepped up and sent me a shiny new wheel which my buddy Jeff picked up from the shop for me the other night. That meant that finally I'd be able to ride something other than my single speed and it would make getting in a more structured workout more doable. The timing also works out well because I have to send Selma's fork to the shop to have the remote lock-out installed so this will give me a few days to get reaquainted with the road.

To that end, I got up early this morning (4:37, even before my alarm was set to go off!), kitted up and headed out for a nice road spin and a very good hill workout. Joy.

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