Monday, July 27, 2009


Man am I glad those couple of days are over. On Wednesday, being the classy blogger that I am, I posted about eating too much fiber and expecting to spend the rest of the day on the can. Well, even considering my many talents (far to many to list really) I did realize that I was also psychic. You see, while my fiber intake (I almost wrote output there by mistake, foreshadow, foreshadow) was high that day, it was not too much higher than I would typically consume but considering what happened that evening you'd think that I ingested the equivalent of 100 cans of refried beans. I won't go into details here but things were so exciting down below that, for a while at least, I considered fashioning a seat belt for the toilet to keep me from being forcefully ejected. I'm still not sure what was going on but, just to be safe, I'm sending that 5 gallons of Mexican "cleansing" back for sure.

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