Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Nota Much

I wish I had some really cool riding story to enthral all of my avid -nay- fanatical readers with but that is not the case. After last weeks colon explosion I was immediately sucked back into the house construction. Most of the weekend's weather sucked donkey d anyway so it wasn't quite so bad plus, we got a bunch of our first floor concrete floors stained (only the kitchen and entry to go). If you're at all interested in such nonsense head on over to DamNelsons for a little show and tell.

Today we finally have a beautiful day on tap and thankfully it coincides with my commute/ride day. To save my energy for a thorough flogging this afternoon I rode a nice conservative pace in this morning and just enjoyed being back on the road bike after being rear wheel-less for so long. (I can't remember if I filled everyone in but Bontrager backed up their product and sent me a new Bonty Race wheel lickity split. Thanks again to Bontrager and my friends at Bikeman.com for making it happen). Not having a road bike in the quiver for so long was a real bummer since I only have single speed mountain bikes now, all those rainy days that didn't allow for trail rides pretty much vanished from my training "plan" since I can only handle so much 180 rpm spinning on an undergeared bike and I'm to damn lazy to up gear it right now.

Where the hell was I? Oh yeah, tonight's ride should be sweet with temps expected to be in the 70's at ride time it should be a blast. Too bad I forgot my sunscreen.

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