Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Cherry Pepsi

Marcy was off from work yesterday because all state offices were shut down for the day (10 extra days of UNpaid vacation...) so I was able to snag a monday commute. I woke up way too early though and was unable to get back to sleep so, at 4:15 I got up and did what any normal red blooded american would do. I went out to do some trail work. I've recently started a bit of trail right out our screen porch door so I figured I'd hit that with the rake while I waited for it to get light out. A 1/2 hour later, things were starting to brighten up so I ran in, shoved a couple handfuls of cherries in my mouth and guzzled a diet pepsi and hit the trail. The trails were a bit soggy in places and all around slow because of the water content but otherwise most were in good shape. My commute was a shortish one at 1:15 but it felt good to get out and I thought I might be onto something with my pre-ride nutrition plan since I still felt really good considering how little I had eaten.

Fast forward a day and I'm once again able to commute, I followed the same basic routine (minus the trail prep) but this time headed out a bit earlier so that I could hit more trail. Just before heading out the door I shoved 2-3 hand fulls of cherries down my piehole, guzzled a diet pepsi and hit it. For a while I felt great and was having a good time until around 1:25 when I started to slllllooooooowwwwwww ddddooooowwwwwwnnnnn. Hmmm, maybe those 200 calories after 8 hours of no food isn't enough to fuel someone out on a 2 hour mountain bike ride. Who knew? Thankfully, I'm tougher than most and somehow found the mental fortitude to finish the ride. I'm an inspiration to all. Come to think of it, someone should make a sunday morning movie out of my experience. I hear Matt Damon likes to play cyclist roles. I'll have my peeps get in touch with his peeps asap.

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