Monday, May 18, 2009

Roughin It

shave those damn legs, you look like a wookie!

Well, it's official, we're out of our winter abode and into a 5th wheel camper until our new home is habitable. When will it be habitable you ask? I DON'T FREAKIN KNOW! is my reply. If I were to guess I'd say somewhere between June and December 2011. What I do know is that cramming three people, a 120 lb dog and a cat into an itty bitty camper is no easy task. To add to that, we ran out of water in the camper yesterday, right before I worked a 13 hour day and Marcy worked all day putting fiberglass insulation into interior walls and ceilings. Can you say "rough night's sleep?". Anyway, we're full on hillbillies now right down to the tires in the yard (marcy's winter tires have to go somewhere!!!!!) and Schlitz in the fridge. Kidding about the beer part, it's actually Geary's and there's no room in the camper's pint size fridge so I'm enjoying my fine bevvies just the way god intended, piss warm. Thankfully, the step father-in-law (I think that's right) is bringing down a mini fridge to put in the basement for the time being. Phew. Let it be known that our first real appliance in the house is a beer fridge (and some grilling stuff too).
The year's first race came and went yesterday. I was bummed to not make it but considering I don't have a race bike, it was raining biblical proportions and I'd likely drop a nut or two trying to hit race pace, it was probably for the best. I did hear (haven't confirmed though) that my new riding buddy (how cute, he's got himself a boyfriend!) won the expert class. So to Steve (now to be known as KillBill), congrats!
That's killbill hamming it up for the cam on Friday.


Anonymous said...

One day you'll look back on the "camping" experience with fond memories. When that day comes, you'll wonder what to do with all your free time... oh'll be riding! Good luck. It will all be over soon enough.

rick is! said...

you're right. the "camping" is already a lot better now that we're set up.