Sunday, April 19, 2009

First Dirt 2

As I alluded to the other day, I finally got a chance to ride dirt. For the first freakin time in 2009. I had to go well out of my way to do it but it figured it was worth it. I'd get to ride a trail that I rarely get to ride (the Portland River Trail), get to ride with guys I only see a few times a year, and my tires would kiss dirt for the first time in a very long time. Win, win, win.
The ride to P-town.

The ride started out pretty uneventfully except of course for the frickin-a sweet single track. About 10 minutes in I kinda forgot that I was riding a geared bike (first time since mid-summer 2008) and tried to sneak past a mighty pointy stick on my right side. Sure enough I heard the tell tale KA-CHUNK! of a derailleur being sheared in half. Pokey stick meet derailleur, derailleur, meet pokey stick. There now, we're all acquainted.

Thankfully, the boys were more than happy to stick around while I fiddled and faddled for 10 minutes single-speeding the dos and gave me some kind advice on how to get it to work (thanks Scott and Bill). It kind of got me thinking that maybe, just maybe this was a sign from the man upstairs that I shouldn't be dabbling in gears. Message received.

the dos all single speedy

the posse

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