Monday, March 23, 2009

Getting My Act Together

If you've been reading the blog for long (and judging by the numbers, if you have been, you won't be here much longer!) you know that this has been a tough winter for me. Work is super busy (which is awesome) and we're currently building our dream house (which is even more awesome-er, maybe even the awesomest) so it's left little time for keeping my other shit together. Ride time has been slack but by being creative and not bailing on any rides, I've been able to keep some reasonable weekly hours for the off season (4-8). Where I've really fallen off is in my diet. When time is tight, it can be hard to eat the right thing and when you're stressed (at least when I'm stressed) I tend to eat crap and drink much. I've slowly been weening myself off the sauce and trying to make small changes in the diet to get back on track.

One sure fire way for me to control my eating is to eat lots of bean based foods. The above "soup" is an example of what I enjoy. Yesterday morning, while waiting for B to wake up, I literally threw this together (basically three types of beans, spinach, peas, canned tomatoes, couple cloves of garlic, some beef broth and some various seasonings ). It's healthy, tasty and most importantly, keep my ravenous gut satiated. By my calculations there is roughly 10g protein, 20g carbs, 15mg sodium and about 15000 grams of fiber per serving. Lets just say, this soup keeps things REGULAR. Nuff said.

Speaking of keeping things regular and getting my shit together (pun alert!) I've started carrying this calendar around with me everywhere in the hopes that I'll finally get my season training planned out.

It hasn't happened yet but with the help of LW Coaching and Road Bike Rider . com, I'll soon be getting my workouts together (loosely at least) for the season. LW's "Time Crunched Expert" plan worked pretty well for me last year so I'm hoping to build on that this year.

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