Monday, March 23, 2009

Get the Funk Out
maybe I should change my blog name to "The Sandy Chamois"
my taint trembles looking at this.
Another week gone and I'm still trying to find some balance in my life. I have been able to squeeze in some respectable hours (for me) recently, cramming in rides ranging from :30 - 1:30 whenever I can and trying to up the tempo a bit so that the legs know whats what when I start doing "real" training rides instead of the "junk" miles I've been working on so far. To be honest, while my riding has been junk as far as training goes, they have been serving a real purpose; keeping me sane. With our house move-in date quickly approaching, I find myself with precious few moments to myself to unwind and as the week progress' I get closer and closer to climbing up the nearest bell tower with a high powered rifle. Quick jaunts on the road bike (that's right, I've transitioned from the el mariachi on the road) are all that's keeping me from ascending those stairs.

The Ergon pack carries baby toys too.

Last week, I finally took a look at this years' Maine Mountain Bike race schedule. Unfortunately, it looks like several races have dropped off the calendar. I'm bummed but not surprised to see it happen considering the dwindling numbers in recent years. The one bright side, for me at least, is that there is only one spring race in the schedule and then the rest picking up in July. That should give me time to get my arse in gear for a late season comeback.


Wheels said...

The sked is pretty sparse for sure. The more I think about it, do any of the other NE states actually have a state series? Look at VT's equivalent:
Dedicated to trail advocacy rather than racing. I guess we should consider ourselves lucky to have had a reputable series. The 2 ME Sport races may be the only ones I can attend.

rick is! said...

true, we are lucky. most places have regional series. I may actually be doing more of the new england series this year. time to broaden the horizons.