Thursday, February 07, 2008

snow day

It snowed last night and there was about 1" of snow on the ground this morning so the wussy school administrators called school for the day so B and I are enjoying a snow day. More accurately, I should say that B is enjoying the day because I'm allowing about 1000% more tv today so that I can get work done while she rots her brain. I'm sure I'll be voted 2008 parent of the year...

The good news is that since I head out tomorrow for Vermont and the Winter XC this snow day gives me some time with the spud (even if we do our own thing most of the day) before I head out for a couple of days. Plus, when I get sick of working, I can get the rest of my crap together for the trip. Me, being the procrastinator that I am, put off getting most of my stuff together until last night. Overall it was to big of a deal except I ran into some problems with the bike last night. I did eventually get everything working but it looks like my rear hub on my chi-chi wheelset is going to need a new part (right at the end of the axle) but it does seem to be working for now. Fingers crossed.

Overall, I'm feeling pretty good for this weekend's races. I'm not in great shape right now but I should at least be able to FINISH Saturday's 30 miler. The promotor is expecting the leaders to finish in about 4 hours so if I beat the 5 hour mark I should be doing pretty well. I probably won't win but it should be fun regardless. On a bad note, this morning, while joging with the pooch, I slipped on a piece of snow covered ice and hit the ground HARD taking a serious blow to my ass cheek, right forearm and big ass Mag-Lite smacked me in the forehead. My head and arm should be fine but my ass hurts bad and it through my hip and back out. Not the movie "I can't stand up straight" out but an uncomfortable out. Hopefully all will be ok for the race. The 5 hour drive over and back will be the true test.

Well, time to get back to work. I probably won't be checking in again until Sunday or Monday so have a good weekend everyone.

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