Wednesday, February 06, 2008

pop quiz

What is this device below:


A. the world's most uncomfortable bra.
B. midevil torture device
C. a marital aid
D. neck stretcher/strengthener


A. no
B. no, but it looks like one when strapped in
C. no, but it looks like one when strapped in
D. yes, but nobody would believe us
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Jason said...

C. would have made the post more interesting.

Why no pic with you wearing the gear?? THAT would be classic.


p.s. way to slam me on Bilson's blog! JERK! HA! I am a man of routine that's for sure.:)

rick is! said...

that wasn't a slam, more of a example of what you can make out of nothing... :)

Jason said...

Ha, I've been doing that my whole life! HA! Or maybe that's making nothing out of something?

Are you SURE that is isn't a jock strap that you've been convince is a neck strengthener??