Friday, January 04, 2008

Whats next?

In answer to Jason's comment to yesterday's post as to what is next for my bike after adding XM radio and hot coffee; I give you this:

exhibit A: handlebar speakers.

As silly as they are, they don't look half bad. If I had a cruiser bike they just might work.

Exhibit B: Handlebar speakers with entertainment system.

The next step, of course, is a multi speaker system with built in lcd tv, dvd player, amplifier etc.

What do you think?


Wheels said...

Exibit B: Entertainment system with handlebars!
Remember to bring your Dingleberry, I mean Blackberry so you can update blog while riding.

Owe racing my life said...


I will have to get a photo of the local here with the 2 boom boxes strapped to his Fisher.

Roughly three more months of training and then race season starts again!

Thank you for the positive comment, it is always nice to read while sitting on my tush. :)

See you in a few months.


Jason said...

At the 12 Hours of Lodi farms last year there was some stoner kid that had a small boom box strapped to his bike, blasting Dio through the woods at 6 a.m. It was too much. I would have found it funnier if I wasn't in so much misery at the time.

I say you get "spinners" for the El M.