Monday, January 07, 2008

craptacular weekend but a good day

Wow, am I glad that weekend is over. Friday night, because Marcy was going out with friends, I decided to have my brother over for some beer pong. Stupid move since it meant I'd be up late and with B not sleeping well recently it was a recipe for very little sleep. Sure enough, B was up waaaaayyyyy too early leaving my plan for an early Saturday ride in the gutter. To top it off, we also found out that my parents dog of 14-ish years was being put down Saturday morning after a full day of seizures of unknown cause. Damn good dog too so it was really sad to hear.

Marcy and I decided to head up to my 'rents place Saturday afternoon to distract them and planned to stay over and head to Marcy's parent's new place sunday with the two of us sneaking in a couple hours of either snowshoeing or riding in between. Well, B threw a monkey wrench into that plan when she decided to wake up several times during the night. Finally, at 12:30 we threw in the towel, packed our shit and headed home figuring a few hours of good sleep was better than the alternative.

Theeeeeennnnnn, to top it off, my mountain bike ride on Sunday was f'ed after less than 20 minutes with some chain/cog issues on a wheelset I did a hasty change on. Of course, I could have fixed it back at the house and headed back out but my mood had soured considerably so I hopped on the trainer and watched an episode of Lost to try to salvage the day.

I don't think I've ever been so happy to see a Monday arrive than I did today since today is chock full of riding goodness. Well, maybe not chock full but I do have a spin class this afternoon followed by the commute home in temps over freezing. Amazing considering the temps I've been riding in recently.


Jason said...

Damn that sorta does suck. Hope the week goes better.

rick is! said...

Thanks, its already turned around...