Friday, December 14, 2007

what I did on my day off

After spending the entire day indoors yesterday taking care of B while she fights of a raging ear infection AND the flu I was able to escape a bit when Marcy got home (not until 8pm because of some appointments, ugh) and snuck out for some snowshoe action with the pooch. It had been snowing for a few hours when we left so there was a nice fluffy 3" blanket of fresh waiting for us. I mounted up one of my older bike lights to a headband and we rocked it for a quick hour. There is something really cool about being in the middle of the woods at night with the snow falling. You MUST try it sometime.

B may only be two but she's got the 'spend the sick day in bed watching Mickey and ring the bell for service' thing down pat already. I hate marcy for giving her that freakin bell!

Hitting the trails. Is it me or does it look like the pooch just heaved a snowball towards my head and is running for cover?

For more (much better) Nelson family showshoe pics click Here & Here.


Wheels said...

I just went out myself yesterday. I like the night idea. We'll be burning the quads after this dumping!

Wheels said...

BTW, what's in the sippy cup? Single-malt?!