Thursday, December 13, 2007

Man points and 2008 shaping up.

Today I sit at home with a sick baby B with an ear infection and chest cold. Kid is sick but toughing it out. She still manages to run around and act normally most of the day. If I had what she has I'm sure I'd be a whiny mess, wimpering on the couch. Men are such babies.

Tuesday morning I did manage to earn some serious man points though by commuting to work by bike. How do I get man points for that you ask? Easy, it was a balmy 4 degrees f and with an average speed of 14 mph (its hard to ride fast when its so damn cold) that is roughly -13 degrees f with wind chill. I've ridden at those temps many times in the woods without too much discomfort because you're body is more active on a mountain bike ride but on the road that is damn cold. By the end of the 55 minute commute, the fingers and toes were brutally cold but the rest of me was fine. Even the giblets stayed toasty thanks to a tip I received to tuck my undershirt down around the boys. Seemed to do the trick but of course, you need to have a really long undershirt to pull that one off.

In other news, I'll be flying the Team Green colors for 2008. Thanks Ergon for the support!


Jason said...

Sorry to hear B-Girl is sick. Though B-Man was gonna puke last night. Here it was just really bad gas. He hasn't yet learned to embrace gas yet and thinks "his tummy hurts".

Kids and wives are ALWAYS so much better about being sick. I on the other hand turn into Capt. Richard Cranium!

rick is! said...

yep, I don't get grumpy when sick but I sure am a whiny little baby.

Wheels said...

You're a crazy SOB commuter! You're in good company on the Ergon team, big name riders. So no more Dalmation spots?

rick is! said...

sorry, I should have been more specific, I'll be riding with green grips and pack but I'll still be on bikeman.