Thursday, November 29, 2007

More family fun time

Over the holiday weekend we went up to my parent's place to for a day and as with any trip up there, I made them go for a ride with me in the blistering 25 degree temps. They're troopers though and we were able to get in a nice 2 hr ride (my mother broke off at an hour to cook dinner) before sitting down for Turkey Dinner number 2. It was so successful that my father asked that the next time I come up that I show him how to get to a store that is about 7 miles via road but loooooooots more by trail and will probably take up somewhere around 3 hours to complete! Maybe I've finally beat some sense into them. My brother didn't swear at me this time at least.

My mom, riding how she knows best. She can push a bike like noone's business.

My dad, all stoic and stuff.

My brother after an attempted ball-ectomy.

One of the major trail surfaces of the day. Can't wait to get my studdies.
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