Sunday, October 28, 2007

on the rebound

Like a switch, when the temps drop below 55 degrees the pooch will all of a sudden have all sorts of energy and be able to keep up with me (for the most part) on mountain bike rides. The exact same rides that I'd lose him on within 15 minutes during the summer. At this time of year, of course, we're on opposite trajectories fitness wise. I'm slowing down and putting a few pounds on (all-freakin-ready!) and losing training focus while he is hitting his stride, will probably start to lose his summer flab and start taunting me on rides again. You know the dog taunts that I mean, he'll run ahead, not see me for a few minutes and then come back with a look on his face like "You were so far back I was sure you were attacked by an angry squirrel". Yeah, f-you you stupid douche, two months ago you couldn't get your fat ass off the trail. Thats right, I talk smack talk with the dog. Whatcha gonna do about it?

To celebrate his almost victory yesterday he celebrated by discovering a very loaded diaper in the trainer room garbage, tearing it apart, eating its contents, leaving a few skid marks on the floor and THEN coming upstairs to lick his unwitting "master" on the legs and face while he does sit-ups. You win this round.

With winter rolling in soon I've been thinking a lot about winter riding and how fun it is. As I mentioned last week, I'm waiting on Nokian to finally release their 29'er studded tire. If and when they do realease the tire I'm going to sign up for this: winter challenge. A 30 mile mountain bike race on the snowmobile trails up in North Bumblefuck Vermont. Hell, even if the studdies aren't out yet I may just mount up the Rampages and hope for no ice. It'll be an excuse to get over to Jay Peak for some skiing as well.


Andy said...

you know, you just set your self up for an iternet search for "very loaded diaper"

Go with the ski for Jay!

Jason said...

damn, that was friggin' disgusting. Thanks.

rick is! said...

I will do ANYTHING for more hits so thats ok.

Was the snow race in newport not good last year?

Andy said...

it was fun. Dan included a sweet ibex long sleeve thin wool base layer as a keep sake. That was my favorite part. The shirt was worth the price of admission.

I's still go with the ski for the hell of it.

rick is! said...

ah, I got ya. I thought you meant to blow off the race and just ski instead.