Monday, September 10, 2007

When exactly do you have time???

As usual, there isn't much time to blog recently so I'll leave you with a few items of interest.

1. Adam "Dick Broom" Craig schooled them all daisy duke style in the 2007 Single Speed World Championships. Makes a Mainer proud. Read about it HERE.

Craig pairing the porn stache and daisy dukes with some Luke Skywalker kimono.

2. Rick "Big Dick" Nelson is poised to take expert senior II in the Maine series. Not much of an accomplishment though considering the lack of competition this year. Not talent wise but in sheer numbers. Across the entire expert field there were always a few heavy hitters but some races (like last weekend's) there were less than 20 riders total in expert. Sucky.

3. I'm also in second place for Master of Mud (overall fastest dude in the series) behind Wheels. Wheels deserves it more though so I think I'll coast this weekend so as to not steal his thunder. ;) I missed MoM last year by a few points though so it will suck to come so close again.

4. Marathon "energy" bars kinda suck. I got these in the Hampshire 100 schwag bag. Their motto should be "We took the worst of an energy bar and combined it with the worst of a candy bar and made a totally new, inedible product."

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Wheels said...

What a guy! By the way, what are those tacks for in your jersey pocket?! I'll be riding with a floor pump, 6 spare tubes, and an extra frameset. The floor pump will be to beat you senseless if you try to pass me! Smell ya there.