Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Fall is coming.

I know this for several reasons.

1. I feel like shooting something, anything really.

2. I'm tired of "training" and just want to ride. I still have two races left but I'm going to rely on residual fitness at this point. Who needs real fitness to ride for 12 hours straight anyway? Sissies.
Why am I smiling? Because I'm riding, plain and simple.

3. I find it increasingly hard to find the time to ride. This has little to do with the season and more to do with the fact that by this time of year we realize just how little we had time for over the summer so we try to cram a bunch of stuff in before the snow flies. I'm going to try to do better at this next year. It would probably help to keep the "training" fresh through the summer as well.

4. Trail/road side snacks are often available. I'm talking apples here. No, I'm not talking about road apples, I'm talking about real apples. Around here, the tart little suckers are aplenty and just waiting to satiate your hunger and suck all moisture out of your mouth in the process. Friday, on my ride home, I was so hungry that I stopped at a roadside apple tree, picked four of those bad boys and nibbled all of the way home.

Which would you rather eat? These...

or these?

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Jason said...

The body is funny. As much as I love riding and "training" there is something about fall that tells the body "simmer down now!" and just let rides happen.

Enjoy the apples. What no hot co-co for the CX races? ;)


rick is! said...

yeah, I seem to have ruffled a few feathers with that obviously in jest remark. oh well, too much sand in the chamois is my guess.

Jason said...

you were kidding? ha!