Friday, June 15, 2007


This am after jogging with the pooch I chose to bring the mountain bike into work and wander around the trails behind the office for a while to try to find a way to connect directly to the parking lot. I came close, after getting back and uploading to and Google Earth I can see that I was within 500' of connecting in three different spots but of course I had no way of telling that in the woods at the time and since the trails ended I decided to turn around as opposed to becoming mosquito and coyote food.
So close!
Armed with my new information though, I'm certain that very soon I'll have a good way to get directly from our parking lot into the trails so I can bring Mr. Pants along with me once in a while.
During the wandering session I fell victim to a pretty serious blunt force trauma incident to the groinage region. Not a direct hit to the Ballagio but right next door (speaking of Ballagio, have you seen the new tower they have erected next door? Quite popular with female and San Franciscan tourists I hear.) leaving me with some nice bruising and scraping. I was forced to walk my bike for about five minutes because it hurt so bad. After about a half hour though it wasn't so bad and I was only left with a dull ache that worked as a gentle, throbbing reminder that handlebar end to groin encounters aren't for everyone.
Thats all for today, have a great weekend and I apologize for the potty humor but Jason likes it.


Jason said...

Don't drag me into your Ballagio area!! Erected? Gentle? Throbbing? I MIGHT be blushing a bit and bit sickened at the thought. Eeeesh!!

Wheels said...

Ergon vs. Hardon, a losing battle.