Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Getting creative.

How do you work riding into your schedule when your wife is heading off for work for a couple of days and you're left with all childcare responsibilities? You get creative and very flexible. Yesterday I drove to work (needed to logistically) but got the greenlight to ride home (a very nice close to 2hr mtn/road ride) but that meant my car would be left at work but I had to drop B off at daycare this morning. What to do? Thankfully, Marcy's car was still at the house so I had that at my disposal. In order to get some riding in I left the car at daycare and tt'd it from there to my office, a 15 min. mostly uphill jaunt. Short by anybody's standards but still a good effort and enough to remind the body whats up. Of course, there will also be the downhill ride back this afternoon. If the weather permits I'll do the same tomorrow. Of course I'll have to ride back in from home Wednesday evening or Thursday morning to get my car which will still be at the office but you don't hear me complaining about that! Mix in my morning jog/stretching/pilates/abs sessions and things don't look so bad.

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Jason said...

nice working getting it done!