Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Don't you hate it when...

1. You ride in to work only to find you left your underwear and belt at home? Just call me "commando saggy drawers" today.

2. The fifteen times you checked to be sure you road tires were still aired up during the day they were fine right up until you leave at the end of the day and sure enough, rubber pancake. Frig, this happens to me so much it doesn't even suprise me anymore. I think one of the construction guys may be playing a prank on the skinny, pasty white, shaved leg, lycra wearing pansy. Just a thought.

There is good news though if you're a bike commuter. Check it here. Up to $110/month to ride your bike to work. Works for me especially if you consider all of the coin you'll save on gas and wear-n-tear on your car. Of course, as much as I love cycling I could never do it every day with family and work obligations but if this prompts even a modest number of people to get off their asses and onto bikes it'll have done its job. Lets hope it passes this time.


Wheels said...

Your commuting whenever you can is commendable. It takes serious bike-love to do it. I ride about 500 yards downhill to work so no big whoop here. Kills me to see overweight co-workers drive less than that to class and even worse, the dining hall! Can you say double negative? Can you say double quarter ponder with cheese?!

rick is! said...

whenever I can really isn't often enough though. Marcy has a good idea though, after she drops brynna at daycare today she'll leave the car and ride the final 5 miles in. Its a small step but at least one in the right direction.