Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Trail Day

Man, I thought by doing an actual cool down and spinning easily after Sunday’s race I had licked DOM’s (delayed onset muscle soreness) on this one but it turns out it was simply waiting an extra day to rear its ugly head.  To be clear, I fully expect to be sore for a few days after a hard race with the second day typically being the worst but I have never had a completely pain free Monday followed by a searingly painful Tuesday.  That’s exactly what I had yesterday, every time I moved the legs, my quads would burn (they began cramping on my final lap on Sunday).  Damnit!  Monday I felt so snappy on the bike on my commute home that what started out as an easy recovery ride turned into a massive TT effort getting me home in near-record time.  I guess that could have had something to do with my sore legs yesterday.  Oh well, I’d rather have sore legs after a race than to have the soft doughy legs of a couch potato.  

Last night I cruised into Camden to help out on a new section of trail at the Camden Snow Bowl.  The race course this year is going all of the way to the top of the mountain.  It should be about 30 minutes of switchbacking fun.  We managed to get a good portion of it cut last night but with less than three weeks before the race, time is getting tight.  I’m sure it’ll be done though, Mad Mike will be sure of that.  Hopefully folks will be able to get out on it before then so that it can get ridden in a bit and packed down, otherwise it’ll be a mighty brutal climb come race day.  Can anyone say hike-a-bike?


Matt DeMeis said...

Man, I am suffering from the DOMF as well. That race takes a lot out of you. I'm still recovering and it's what, wednesday? ow.

Jason said...


Time for an ice bath. (no that's not an offer)