Thursday, June 15, 2006

Shake down

I took the pooch and the Carver for a shake down ride this morning to get used to the rig for this weekends race at Mount Snow and to be sure the ss gearing was ok. I was concerned that the gearing at 32/16 would be a bit too high for a hilly race and this morning's ride confirmed that it is indeed too high (for me at least). So, this afternoon I'll have to pop into Bikeman so they can throw an 18t freewheel on there since I don't have the tools to do so myself. Overall, the bike felt pretty good but I do think I'll be changing out the rubber. Its rolling with exiwolfs which have nice traction and cush but totally suck for climbing since they weigh about 14lbs each. A front ignitor and a rear python should do the trick for this weekend.

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