Wednesday, June 14, 2006

breath, breath

Phew, what a crazy freaking couple of days. Developers can be a royal PITA! Everything needs to be done yesterday. I just pulled a 10,000 sf clubhouse out of my ass this morning and it hurts I tell ya. No amount of Assos cream is gonna make that feel better. Thats a funny name for a chamois cream, Assos. Anyway that shit is out the door (to the renderers to get all purtied up) and I can breath easy for a couple of minutes.

Sort of a lame-ass drawing but what do you expect for a 10 minute sketch???
I've just confirmed that I will be going to Mount Snow this weekend to contest the single speed race Sunday morning. Davis Carver is kindly allowing me to ride one of his demo Carver's for the race. I got to test ride this same exact bike late this past winter and I'm psyched to be able to try a race on it. There is lots o' climbing at Mount Snow though so I'm not so sure how I'll do with a single speed but there is only one way to find out. I predict much suffering.
I'll be crashing with MattyD and LT Steve a mile or so from the venue. Its a load off my mind to no longer have to worry about where I'm going to stay but I think Matt has alterior motives. See, Matt is knee high to a newt's nutsack and about a buck-10 soaking wet so he tends to get cold easily. So my guess is that he hopes to make a MattyD sammich between myself and LT Steve to keep nice and warm Saturday night. Dirty little bastard. Let it be known that I do not plan to spoon with either of those two. Unless they ask nicely of course.

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Matt DeMeis said...

I think the thing you need to worry about is how drunk and rowdy LT is going to get after his race is finished. Combine that with the dehydration and he should be passed out by 6pm or so. Just hope he doesn't pass out in your bed.