Monday, May 08, 2006

Poison ivy!

F’in poison ivy.  I’ve barely even started riding in the woods for the season and I’ve already gotten my first outbreak of the itchy rash.  I don’t even remember ever going anywhere close to some.  Damn my mother for passing on here genes for making me uber allergic to poison ivy, oak and sumac.  I guess I haven’t exactly picked the best hobby to pursue considering poison ivy grows in the woods…  There are a couple of trails in particular that I pretty much have to stay away from completely because even though I know enough to not touch the oily leaves, others aren’t as careful and end up spreading the oils onto other trees and bushes so no matter how careful I am, I still get it.


gwadzilla said...

I got some itchy ivy rash going from this weekend past at that Lodi race in VA

do you have a dog?

lots of people with dogs get the effect of poison ivy
as the dog brushes agains the leaves
then is pet or brushes against the human
or something like that

rick said...

Good point, I do have a pooch. I guess I had better stop petting the disease ridden bastard.