Friday, May 05, 2006

Commute photo blog.

My typical 12.5 mile commute this morning turned into 42.5 miles. Not much time to write so its photo blog time...

Rolling out at the butt crack of dawn. 4 f'in 20??? are you kidding me?????

Who wouldn't love riding on roads like these.

The white building on the point is Marcy's office. She shares a sweet corner office looking right onto the harbor. I don't know how she gets any work done.

All said and done, I put in 2:25 and 42.5 miles this morning, all before most people were out of bed.


Jason said...

what a freaking great start to the day! Sweet!! Man, Marcy has a hell of a view. My office doesn't even have windows and the ones that do look out into a freaking warhouse/parking garage.


rick said...

It was a very good start to the day. I'm thinking of making this a weekly ritual.