Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Trainer tuesday

Was raining like hell yesterday so I hopped on the trainer for 1.5 hrs last night.  Had yet another great workout, seems that having a more structured plan on the trainer is the way to go.  Why didn’t I think of that before?  Just thinking of all of those days spent mindlessly grinding away on that sucker being bored senseless makes my stomach turn.  Having structure not only makes the time go by faster but I feel that I get a hell of a lot more out of it.  Who’da thunk it?

Wifey is dropping the dos off at the shop today.  I’m still having trouble with the rear hub so she’s going to drop it off on her way by this morning.  I’ll probably just have them keep it until the SRAM parts come in.  I’ve got three other bikes to keep me happy until then and its just a pain in the ass to keep shuttling back and forth to the shop.  I need to get riding time in on it but every after work trip that I make to the shop is one more day of no riding and at this point I can’t afford missing too many days.  Good news is that when I do get the SRAM stuff in and bikeman puts it back together for me, I’ll have one bad ass ride on my hands!  Can’t wait.

Oh yeah, I want to apologize for the lame header.  I’m a blogger and photoshop weenie and can’t seem to figure out how to get it to look better.  I even needed my brother to get me this far.  Hopefully I can get the art from Wally (bikeman’s graphic dude) and get it blown up…someday.


Jason said...

Gotta have structure on the trainer. Get's too damn boring. Even my "mindless" rides on it have a structure of spinning a certain gear for so long at so many RPMs. Just makes it more interesting. That, my iPod, a TV and some naked dancing girls with tassles, lots of tassles.

Nice "mini Racin Rick header". try adjusting it to 740 width and 100 height,
preview and check it.

Good luck.

rick said...

thanks, I'll try that when I get the art from wally.