Thursday, April 06, 2006

Pilates, Bonk!

Last night was pretty low key, no bike time. I did end up test driving a couple of used cars to replace my Civic. Seems a 2-door coupe isn’t he best vehicle when you have a child in a car seat. Tried a Subaru Legacy GT and a Passat wagon. The Scooby was cool but felt cramped while the Passat was pimp but costs a few K more. Decisions, decisions.

This year I’ve decided to focus on maintaining my flexibility through the season (or should I say developing some flexibility first and then maintaining it!) so last night I did my first (in a while at least) of many Pilates sessions. I know what you’re thinking, pilates are a bit femme but trust me, they are killer. They are great for flexibility as well as core strength. These are two areas that cyclists are notoriously weak in. We’ve got great lower body strength but nothing to balance it out. For me personally I feel much more comfortable on the bike (especially the roadie) when I’m following a stretching regimen. Its tough to maintain an aero position when you can hardly bend over. We also all know that most of your lower body strength and power is initiated from the abs and low back so core strength is key as well.

In other news, Al fixed up my Hope P2 rear hub yesterday for me. Turns out that I just didn’t have the dust seal properly seated and that was what was causing the friction. All seems to be well now. Hopefully, if the weather dries out at all, I’ll be able to get the Dos out for a spin this weekend. Al also hooked me up with some Bonk! Frame protectant to cover the cable rub prone areas of the bike. I intend to try it out tonight if time allows. Gotsta protect that purty paint on the Salsa!


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Jason said...

Let me know about that Bonk shite.
I have a good wrap on my stays (of both)
but have to get some added protection near the cable rub areas (near the gusset too) thanks. jm