Friday, March 31, 2006

Second Dos

Wow, what a difference a few inches make! Heard that one before have you? Well, in this case, I’m talking about the fore/aft position of the saddle on my Dos Niner. When building it up, somehow, I managed to set it a full 3” too far back behind the bottom bracket. I noticed it on my last ride because I felt like I had no control over the bike. Sort of like the bike was riding me. In short, the maneuverability sucked. Well, I fixed it before my ride last evening and I could immediately tell the difference. All of a sudden the bike felt nimble much to my relief. During the last ride, I became worried that maybe I had made a mistake jumping into the 29’er pool because the bike was handling sooooo poorly. Chalk one up to my poor mechanical skills I guess. Anyway, on last nights ride it all seemed to come together and I was really digging the ride. Overall, the bike handled and felt pretty much spot on but its strengths really became apparent during the particularly rough sections. The big wheels rolled right through the rocky/rooty sections with narry a wimper. I would say that there are good times to come. Tonight I plan to throw some gears on for an early morning ride at Bradbury with the Portland posse. Fingers crossed that the rain holds off.

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Jason said...

Good to hear. All my bling arrived today. Hope to have it built up within the week.

I can't believe how light the frame is! Wow. I'm sure the Reba and Wheels are gonna be portly but ssssweet!

Oh yeah, it's game on too. Check out the blog, jive turkey.