Friday, March 31, 2006

Bikeman Blog

Yesterday, after some pestering from Jason, I agreed to start posting on the Bikeman website as well as here and over at DAMNelsons. Here is what I sent in for my first post since I’m assuming that most people surfing that way won’t know who the f’ I am.

Here it is, enjoy:

Greetings and salutations. I’m using this first post as a way to introduce myself. My name is Rick Nelson (no, not that one damnit) and I am a rider for Team Bikeman. You can check out my profile in the team rider section. Recently, it has come to Al’s (our team manager) attention that I maintain a couple of blogs on the World Wide Waste (of time). One of which, titled “Racin Rick” covers my trials and tribulations as a mountain bike racer, commuter, new father etc. In truth, its just a way for me to kill time at work and to see pictures of myself on the web. My other blog “DAMNelsons” covers more of the family aspect of my life and gives me yet another place to post pictures of myself. Oh, and sometimes I’ll post a pic of Marcy and Brynna too.

Soon, I’ll start posting regularly here in addition to what is posted over at blogger. If you want to get an idea of the type of nonsense that you’re in for, cruise on over and give it a gander. Beware, you’re IQ is likely to drop substantially simply by looking. I spend way too much time talking about my commute, bike setup, pimping sponsors products and taking funny pictures of myself. I’ve even been known to delve into the sometimes bewildering, but always entertaining, topic of frozen man bits. So sit back, pop open a brew and enjoy the ride.


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Jason said...

that pretty much some up Racin Rick folks. The pict would have been WAY over the top if you woulda put on a B-Girl diaper too.

Sent mine in yesterday. I too gave the heads up about the mindlessness one might find on my regular blog.