Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Parts swap

Not much going on today, just getting ready for the weekend in Vermont.  Good news on the Dos Niner front, I should be able to start riding it in ss mode next week.  My baby is at Bikeman getting an old crank installed so that I can set it up as a ss until the rest of the parts show up.  It’ll be a bit of a mongrel at first but at least it’ll allow me to get used to the way it rides, get used to disc brakes, get the stem and seat dialed in etc.  I am so freakin psyched to hop on that baby the first time.  Now, lets hope for some dry or at least freezing weather.

I now have my fuel 98 stripped down to a bare frame and shock to be put up for sale.  Not sure what to sell it for yet, I guess I should start trolling ebay to see if any other fuel frames are up for grabs and what the prices are.

I was over reading Nick Martin’s blog the other day and noticed that he’s giving out mix cd’s of his riding music.  Cool idea but it got me wondering if he’s going to get himself in trouble.  Seems like he’s asking for trouble if he’s making cd’s with pirated music (maybe he owns the originals but I can’t imagine that he’s allowed to sell copies) and putting his sponsors on the cover.  Maybe he has actually covered his bases and is a legal reseller of music and is paying royalties to the record companies and if he is, kudos to him but if he isn’t, I’d be really worried about the legal repercussions.  Its one thing to make some mix cd’s to give to friends but totally another to advertise them on a popular blog.  


Jason said...

I'm thinking he has NOT got permission, thus no track listing

rick said...

that would be my guess. scary stuff considering sony and the likes are going pretty hard after napster type downloaders these days.

Jason said...

By the way. Your Dos Niner single speed build is under review by the judges to see if you building it up as a single speed in lieu of your SRAM build before I build mine up constitues you winning the Race For Salsa. The judges are leaning towards DQing you.

Enjoy the weekend! Later.


rick said...

hmm, you may be right but that isn't going to stop me from trying to slip it by. I'll be riding that baby on Monday.

Jason said...

DOH!!! Mine frame and parts should be here this week. Probably anoher week till we get it built up. Can't wait to hear your thoughts. JM